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PolyLEVEL introduces an innovative solution for pipeline stability: Pipeline Pillows. These specially designed pillows are filled with expanding polyurethane foam, providing superior support and protection for pipelines in various environments. Whether you’re laying new pipelines or reinforcing existing ones, PolyRenewal™ Pipeline Pillows offer unmatched reliability and durability, ensuring the long-term integrity of your pipeline infrastructure.

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    Key Features

    Why Choose PolyRenewal™ Pipeline Pillows:

    Ensure the stability and integrity of your pipeline infrastructure with PolyRenewal™ Pipeline Pillows. Contact us today to learn more about how Pipeline Pillows can enhance the safety and longevity of your pipeline system.

    Pipeline pillow


    Pipeline Pillows are specially designed structures filled with expanding polyurethane foam. They are placed around pipelines to provide superior support and protection, minimizing the risk of settlement and damage to the pipeline.

    The PolyRenewal™ process for installing pipeline pillows involves injecting expanding polyurethane foam into specially designed structures to create pipeline pillows. These pillows are placed strategically around the pipeline to provide support and stability.

    Some benefits of using Pipeline Pillows for pipeline stability include:

      • Superior support and protection for pipelines
      • Customizable design to fit pipelines of different sizes and specifications
      • Quick and easy installation process
      • Long-lasting performance, maintaining stability and support for years
      • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials

    Yes, Pipeline Pillows can be customized to fit pipelines of various sizes and specifications, which ensures a perfect fit and optimal support for each pipeline project.

    Pipeline Pillows offer several advantages over traditional pipeline stabilization methods, including:

      • Greater flexibility and customization
      • Quicker and easier installation process
      • Long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance required
      • Environmentally friendly materials

    Yes, Pipeline Pillows are suitable for new pipeline installations and retrofitting existing pipelines. Whether laying new pipelines or reinforcing existing ones, Pipeline Pillows provide reliable support and protection.

    Pipeline Pillows are designed to offer long-lasting performance, maintaining stability and support for years. Their lifespan depends on environmental conditions and maintenance practices, but they are typically significant compared to traditional methods.

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